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Cultivating the way you brand.

Our Story

After spending over a decade working in therapy and life coaching, Amethyst Wesley, the founder and main creative mind behind AW Design Co., discovered her passion for graphic design through her love for the arts and psychology. Even as a child, Amethyst was always drawn to drawing and coloring, and as a dancer, she would eagerly anticipate ballet performance advertisements and dance-related films, dreaming of one day being featured in them.


Although she eventually pursued psychology in college and adulthood, her love for both performing and visual art never waned. In fact, her passion for the arts and psychology grew even stronger as she delved deeper into her psychology studies. Eventually, these two passions merged when she utilized her skills and knowledge in marketing psychology to establish and promote her life coaching practice.


Within the first year of her business taking off, Amethyst started receiving requests from family and friends to help revamp their existing businesses and brand their startups. Before she knew it, she found herself regularly taking on design projects as a paid hobby, building relationships with freelancers and professionals in the design field along the way, and forming her own team. After a few more years, Amethyst made the decision to officially start AW Design Co., in 2020 amid the pandemic with the aim of helping businesses change with the changing world.

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You'll find silence is the loudest noise, if you only listen ...

Amethyst Wesley

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I believe graphic design is a bridge between the language of silence and the conscious mind. It facilitates an ongoing conversation through the power of expression. Whether it is the continuous expression of a business's brand or an individuals'  personalization, graphic design acts as a catalyst - initiating a silent yet meaningful dialogue that inspires expressive action.​

Graphic design Quotation marks-Amethyst Wesley Design Co.
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